Welcome to the ISTS site.
The website contains details of the Indian Society of Tree
Scientists, its activities and publication endeavors.


  1. Persons actively involved in research or interested in trees or their natural products.
  2. Industrialists, commercial or other organizations dealing with forest wealth/products or associated fields.

Classification of Members:

  1. Honorary Members: Persons of eminence whose technical cooperation will promote the interest of the Society, may be nominated as Honorary Members by the Governing Body.
  2. Founder Members: Persons who have enrolled themselves as members of the Socielty uptil December 31,1981 shall be the founder members of the Society.
  3. Life Members: Life membership of the Society shall be limited to 200 or such members as fixed by the Governing Body from time to time.
  4. Ordinary Members: All persons who pay the specified subscription. Associate Members: All organizations individuals interested or engaged in activities involving trees and donate towards the society funds will be the associate members of the society. The membership will be valid for three years only.