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Election Rules

The Secretary of his appointed returning Officer of the ISTS will circulate the list of members (zonewise) along with the nomination papers during the month of September for different positions of the Governing Body. Nominations from members should reach the headquarter by October 31 of the year. The sealed nomination papers will be immediately placed in the Governing Body Meeting or nay other authorized committee as approved by the latter. For each post only three nominations will be allowed to contest, which will be decided by the number of nominations received in their favour by the Returning Officer. These nominations will be got verified by the Governing Body at its subsequent meeting. By the second week of November the consent of contestants will be procured by the Secretary/ Returning Officer for finalization of the list of contestants to different positions.

The final Ballot papers will be circulated in the first week of December, so as to reach thee Society’s headquarter by 31st December. The Secretary/ Returning Officer will place the sealed ballot papers before the Governing Body or the committee constituted by the latter. The result of the election will be notified by the Secretary by post or in the coming General Body Meeting, which is earlier.

Duties of the Officer bearers.


  1. The President shall:
    • Preside at all the meetings of General Body and Governing Body meeting of the Society.
    • Organise activities of the society with the agreement of the Governing Body.
  2. The Vice- President shall:
    • Perform all duties of the President in the absence of President.
  3. The Secretary shall:
    • Call meetings of General body/Governing Body and coordinate all the proceedings of the society. He shall be the chief executive of the society.
  4. The Joint Secretary inherits the powers of the Secretary in his absence.
  5. Treasurer shall:
    • Hold all assets of the Society on its behalf, make payments, maintain accounts, collect subscription and prepare budget and audit reports.
  6. Executive members and Zonal Councillors shall promote the interests of the society.

Removal of Members

A member shall cease to be a member if he/she resigns or he/she fails to pay prescribed dues continuously for two years.

Readmission of Members

If a member ceases to be a member of the society on account of non payment of dues he. She will be readmitted only after clearing the pending dues.

Amendment of Constitution

The constitution shall be amended only in a meeting of Governing Body by majority of not less than two third of members of the total membership.


Any subject not provided for in the constitution can be decided by General Body.